French knot embroidery

Fancy vangi design

The tracing paper of a beautiful fancy vangi pattern embroidery. Got this picture from a jewellery design. Planning to do embroidery on this design. Using threads and beads we are going to bring out a cute fancy embroidery for a blouse sleeve.

Tracing transferred to the fabric using white carbon paper and pencil. Try to do the tracing using a semi sharp pencil. This saves the paper for future use.

The middle bump like portion is going to be an embossed thread work. We have firstly fixed the cotton piping rope in shape using fabric glue. Be careful to attach the piping ropes in perfect shape. You can notice the double line piping rope for one of the bumps. This is to make that particular portion little broader than the other portions.

On the piping rope we doing the loading or satin stitches to bring out the embossed look of the thread. If needed you can attach the piping ropes using normal sewing thread and zig zag stitches before this loading work.