3D bridal blouse

Bridal blouse designs

Bridal blouse with heavy bead work. The sugar beads and no.3 round beads are used in water filling technique. The round motif in the middle is foiled with beads and stone chains. The antique beads are used in loading effect. 

This is the sleeve portion with diagonal line designs. The diagonal lines are highlighted with a cutdana loading work and bordered with antique sugar beads on both sides. The sleeve border is done with the same design as in the neckline.
This is the front neck same like the back neck. 

This is neat and grand beautiful floral design on the back neck. The floral design is done with cutting Kundan stones surrounded by zardosi lines. The kodi with sugar beads and leaves with green and blue threads alternately the whole blouse is filled with white stone dots and sugar beads. 

The sleeve is done with the same border work and dots all over.

The front neck also done with the same floral border.. 

Here’s a beautiful grand bead work blouse. The sugar beads and no. 3 round beads are filled in a waterfill technique and after that the same two beads are done with a scattering effect. The peacock motifs are arranged on one side of the neck one above the other. The peacock is filled with thread loading stitch and the wings with zardosi loading stitch.
The same peacock motif and bead work is done for the sleeve also.
The front neck design is same as the back neck work.


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