French knot embroidery

Bridal blouse with bead work

This is beautiful grand bridal blouse with more of bead and thread work. The neckline starts with three lines of zari chain stitch and then a half inch bead work with water filling techniques. In between the sugar beads we have used no. 3 round beads also. Next layer is a line of lavang stitch flower with green thread. The background of the flowers is filled with beads in a scattered style. The whole neckline is closed with another half inch line of sugar bead waterfill... We have made scattered dots on the whole of the backside of the blouse. 

The sleeve is a half sleeve model with the same work like in the back neck. Alternative layers of waterfill bead work and a layer of lavang flowers. The full five inch sleeve is covered with the same design. This makes the sleeve full and grand to suit a beautiful bride. 

This is the front neck which has the same work like in the back neck..