French knot embroidery

pattu pavadai made fancy

This is a cute pattu pavadai for a small kid. It’s a sleeveless top with a strap on one side. The neckline is done on one side with a patch of cloth in contrast color. A small flower is made on the side with tissue cloth. Few lines radiating from the bottom of the flower are made with gold beads and zari thread. The end of the lines are finished with a small gold tissue petal. This is a fancy beautiful design. 

 Here’s another cute pattu pavadai design.. the neckline is of two different styles. One side is a line of bead and stone chain alternately. The other side is a little curvy patch like thing filled with zari chain stitches. The stone and bead line are made to continue after the curvy line and ended with a small round mirror. The mirrors are outlined with a line of beads.
This pattu pavadai is designed with a necklace pattern. The line of the necklace is made with Kundan stones and stone chains. The heart shaped pendant is filled with white stones. The space inside the necklace is filled with a pavadai colour cloth. The cloth is a kind of crushed material. This adds to the beauty of the silk top. 

 This is another cute top for a two year old baby. The yoke portion is filled with small checks. The checks are made with gold zari threads. Alternately the checks a cut to make a cutwork design. Under the cutwork is a contrast green color cloth. The other checks have a small bead dot in the center. The yoke portion is completely outlined with a stone chain and the center is decorated with a flower made with the contrast green cloth.
This is a very cute pattu pavadai top for a one year old baby. Small golden colour tissue cloth petals  are arranged from the top of the neck. This is a sleeveless backless top. The petals are arranged in the form of a big sunflower. The center of the flower on the top is decorated with a stone to make it more bright. The whole blouse is filled with small dots. 

 This is again a fancy pattu pavadai top. In this top I have made different neckline on both sides. One neckline is ended with a curve and the other one with a bunch of roses. The roses are made with antique color lace. This is a grand and fancy design.
Here’s another cute pattu pavadai with cutwork checks on the yoke portion. The end of the yoke is made with a curved outline. The in the center is a mongo motif making it more grand and traditional.


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