French knot embroidery

Vangi motif blouse

                                        This is a a very cute blouse with a trendy cluster bead work on it’s neckline. The bead work has both round beads and sugar beads mixed. This mixture makes the work more tight and filling. Only gold stone chain is used to give a tint of glitter in the neckline. The dots all over the blouse makes it more grand and bright. A drop shaped kind an stone is used for the dots with a bead line around it.
                                          This the elbow sleeve work for the blouse. On the elbow sleeve we have done a vangi pattern exactly on the arm portion. It gives an effect like a vangi is worn on the arms. The vangi motif is filled with traditional Aari stitches which makes the whole blouse as a fusion of both trendy and traditional works in Aari embroidery. The center motif in the vangi is done more with purple colour materials so that it suits the saree better. The vangi is made with gold round beads. These beads are arranged in such a way that the beads are hanging  from the design. The real jimki in the middle of the motif is very Beautiful.
The front neckline is a continuation of the back neck with the same bead work. 


  1. I love this design mam very superb work thanks for posting


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