Bullion knot embroidery with silk threads

Bridal blouse with elbow sleeve

                                       In this pot neck blouse, I have made two different designs around the neck. The first layer is filled with diamond checks and bead dots in alternative checks. The second layer is filled with the cluster bead work. This cluster also has two size beads like round beads and sugar beads. The two layers make it more grand.

                                           Here’s the sleeve of this trendy blouse. The sleeve is in a elbow length model. Generally we do only a two or three inches border. But in this we have done a broad border of 6”. Above the border is a cute little puff. This gives a unique look to the blouse. The six inch border has two layers of diamond checks as in the neckline and in the middle is a floral pattern. The flowers filled with micro beads and leaves filled with French knots. The variety of stitches and materials used in the floral pattern makes the sleeve neat and grand.

                                          Front neck also is a continuation of the back neck design. It has a diamond checks pattern. The blouse is filled and is complete with beads work. Though there’s no stones in the blouse... still it’s very grand and neat 👍
                                                   Here is the design trac for the floral and checked pattern